Test Only

Photos: Quentin and Miro

Tony Ashton writes:

"On a late January morning your EC Chair was returning from a walk and noticed a large dog without owner in the grass firebreak at the top of the hill. 'That's no dog', he thought. It was a Wedge-tailed Eagle on the ground, aware of the bypasser, but more intent on what it was doing on the ground. Further south was another eagle circling above the Wild Flower Triangle being harried by magpies and currawongs. The eagle remained on the ground long enough for Tony to get a camera from the unit, call neighbour Ben to bring out young Quentin and Miro and take photos. Soon after the eagle took flight, a bit like a jumbo jet, barely clearing the fence. Now that it was safe our fearless EC chair went closer and found the remains of a kangaroo that the eagles had been eating. A WG resident Jerry Olsen, author of the 2014 book 'Australian High Country Raptors' (CSIRO Publishing) and who knows more about Owls and Eagles than all of Hogwarts put together, tells us that eagles regularly bring down (Editor's euphemism) kangaroos and that, around Canberra, macropods comprise about 50% of an eagle's dietary intake."

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